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Training Services

For some time now, it is felt that in this age of “Information Technology and Automation” the traditional engineering knowledge is getting neglected which is otherwise equally important to ensure the smooth operation of Power Plant. Though the impressive advancement of automation with the support of information Technology has no doubt made it simpler to operate the plant, there is a visible shift in the plant operation community to rely more on "SEEN" phenomenon than the " UNDERSTAND " aspect which by the way is not their fault. The present methods of training and knowledge sharing on need to know basis is largely responsible for it. No doubt, Automation & Plant operation are totally interdependent but the vital difference between the seen & Understand phenomenon cannot be ignored. The totality of a Power Plant involves a multitude of subjects & Lack of knowledge/understanding in any one of these subjects may tell upon heavily the plant performance.

It is a known issue that many of the existing Power plants both from utility and captive segments are not running at their best potential partly due to operator’s inadequate knowledge and partly due to original design faults emanating from designer’s lack of experience. Both of these must be tackled firmly to improve & optimize the overall plant performance.

Added to this is the acute pollution problem and impending water crisis particularly for many fossil fuel plants, where even a small improvement of heat rate will help both water conservation and limiting emission of pollutants. Going for some radical shift of technology may offer greater help.

Therefore, this is the time for Industry / OEMs / EPC / Consultants / O&M sector to facilitate an in-depth training for their personnel from design, operation &maintenance.Sadly, there are very few Experts with in depth knowledge who can really impart the serious training to them.

Our Training Modules Services includes:

  • Power Plant Cycle Analysis
  • Boiler Design & Performance Analysis
  • Steam Turbine Design, Construction & Performance Analysis
  • Large Capacity Coal based Power Plants - An overview for Design & Performance Evaluation
  • Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) Fin Fan Cooler and Dry Cooling Tower
  • Pollution Control in Thermal Power Plants
  • Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Compressed Air System
  • Combined Cycle Power Plants - An overview for Design & Performance Evaluation
  • Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Thermal Power Plant
  • Renewable Energy, Concept of CDMA, Solar Plant, Hybridisation of Solar Thermal And Fossil FuelPlant a Panoramic View
  • Pump Selection, Design and Analysis for Power Plant application
  • Plant Water System For Power Plant, Intake, Pre-Treatment and DM Plant
  • Power Plant Fuels, Analysis, Handling and Preparation
  • Ash Handling System in Thermal Power Plant
  • Circulating Water System, its Chemistry and Design Requirement
  • Power Cycle Piping and Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Development Of Plot Plan and Equipment Layout in Thermal Power Plant